Just Be Kind

Just Be Kind

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Below are the skills needed to qualify for the “Just be Kind” Badge.  There are also a few specific requirements for your badge submission outlined at the end of the document.  

To receive this badge you need to engage in intentional random acts of kindness with at least 3 different staff members.

You may do anything kind –  but here are some ideas to get you started…….

  • Bring another staff member  a cup of coffee or tea, or soda 
  • Spend 15 minutes asking someone how they are and really listening
  •  Bring someone a treat (candy, thank you cards, a bookmark, etc)
  • Write a personal thank you to someone for a job well done
  •  Tell a person’s boss what a great job that person is doing
  •  Have lunch with someone new to get to know them
  • Bring in a book you loved and loan it to someone you think would like to read it
  • Bring in a bowl of sweets or treats  and invite others to come and enjoy



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List the 3  or more staff members that you engaged with and describe the random act you engaged in for each person.