Drive-ing On

Drive-ing On

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Drive Challenge:

Complete Directions

Below are the skills needed to qualify for the Drive-ing On Badge.  Please review the skills and complete those you have not yet done this school year.

Create folders for your files in Drive

Choose colors for your folders to quickly find them and keep everything organized

  1. Right click a folder
  2. Select change color
Check out list view and grid view to choose which view you like best

List view typically displays more files at a time. Grid view shows a thumbnail preview of each file.

List View
Grid View


Star important filesRight click any folder or file and click Add to Starred. 

Starred files and folders can be found quickly and easily under Starred in Drive.

Add files from “Shared with Me” to “My Drive”

Files in Shared with me cannot be organized unless you add them to My Drive.

Right click any file or folder and select Add to My Drive. Once added, the file or folder appears in My Drive and can be moved to a folder.

Convert Office files to Google

Drag and drop your Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into Drive

Right click the file and select Open With – Docs, Sheets or Slides.

Click File – Save As Docs, Sheets or Slides to save the copy as a Google file.

Expert tip: Click the gear icon in Google Drive to open your Drive settings. Check “convert uploads” to automatically convert Office files as you upload them to Drive!
When You Are Finished

Head back to and confirm you have completed all of the steps above.