Bitmoji Me

Bitmoji Me

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Submission Requirements:

  1. Screenshot of changed Google Profile Picture
  2. Avatar change in Game on Bucks (We can view this within the system)



Below are the skills needed to qualify for the November Mini Challenge  Bitmoji Me Badge

Part 1:  Google Profile Picture

  1. Update your  Google Account Picture
  2. Take a Picture or take a screenshot of your bitmoji.  Have this image on your computer desktop.
  3. Go to
  4. Click on your profile picture to change image 
  5. Select the image from your desktop to upload.
  6. click “set as profile picture”

Part 2:  Change your Game on Bucks Avatar

  1. Go to Game on Bucks!  (
  2. Login (Click “sign in with Google” – if it doesn’t work the first time, simply click again)  Clearing Cache, Cookies, and hosted app data can also resolve this login error issue
  3. Click on your profile in the top right hand corner, then click “Edit Profile”
  4. Scroll down the profile page until you get to “profile picture”. Click  ”You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.”
  5. Create an account on Gravatar using your Buckeye Email address.  Follow the directions to confirm your account and log into your gravatar profile.
  6. Follow the Gravatar instructions to upload  your Gravatar image.  Once this is set, you will have changed the profile image on  Game on Bucks!