About Game on Bucks

What is Game on Bucks?

Game on Bucks! is an online professional development program. Teachers will complete educational challenges to earn badges and points. Teachers are competing for individual awards and for building awards.

Tell Me More About the Challenges!

There are three types of challenges – Monthly challengesBuck Challenges and Mini- Challenges. Each month from November – April there will be two new monthly challenges. You do not have to complete the challenges in the months they are released (but there may be a surprise perk if you do). Achievement challenges are available for the entire duration of the challenge. Mini challenges will be released throughout the year with specific time frames.

What if I Need Help With the Challenges?

Reach out to the Central Office Staff ! Christina, Janice, Brendan and Amy are here to help you along the way!

Why Should I Participate?

To improve your knowledge of all things edtech and best practices for teaching! Completing the challenges encourages you to try new teaching strategies and to use digital tools such as Gsuite, Branching Minds, Edulastic, Online Curricula and more. Not only can you earn great awards, but you can also pick up some new skills along the way.

Can I Earn Contact Hours?

Yes! You can earn 1.5 contact hours for each monthly challenge and 3 hours for each Buck Achievement Challenge. To earn even more contact hours you can become a Google Certified Educator – Level 1 earns 12 hours and Level 2 earns 12 hours. (You can also take the Google Certification Courses for Graduate Credit during the summer months)

What Can I Win?

Check out www.gameonbucks.org/awards to see all of the monthly and overall prizes!